Special: Cast of "I Like It Like That"

In this special episode of "Real Ladies Real Talk" you're treated to a spectacular behind-the-scenes conversation with the cast of the critically acclaimed Broadway musical "I Like It Like That." This show was recorded on November 27th, 2016 on the extraordinary stage of the Bronx-based Pregones / Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, located in midtown Manhattan. The first segment of the show kicks off with the high falsettos of Tito Nieves singing in the background and quickly dives into a warm conversation regarding the popularity of the show amongst the latino and greater theater-loving community. The Second segment of the show features an inspiring talk with Tito's male co-stars; including Joseph "Quique" Gonzalez, Angel Lopez, Gilberto Velazquez, and Nelson Gonzalez. Lastly, the third segment dives into an inspiring conversation on the show's reflection of community activism during the 70s, including a discussion of the history of the Young Lords, with the female stars of the show; including Rossmery Almonte, Caridad De La Luz (aka La Bruja), Shadia Fairuz, Sofia Klimovsky, and Yesenia Santiago.