Episode 15 - El Nińo Timbal, Miguel Bonilla, Soundboy Cartagena

Real Ladies Real Talk brings you a rhythmic episode led by musicians El Nino Timbal, Miguel Bonilla, and Soundboy Cartagena. The show kicks off with an interview with this week's DJ for the live stream, DJ 1st Class, followed by an amazing interview and performance from the legend-in-the-making, El Nińo Timbal. The second half of the show dives into a fascinating conversation with Miguel Bonilla and Soundboy Cartagena, and their project, the 8 Bar Band. Make sure to tune into the break in the interview that features a fascinating cover of Soundboy Cartagena's "Arroz Con Pollo," which features El Nińo Timbal on the Timbales. Thank you for downloading this episode. Make sure to subscribe to our show on i-Tunes, Stitcher, or any of your favorite podcast streaming apps.