Episode 13 - Shauntay Cherry, Rose and Kayla Gonzalez

On this episode of Real Ladies Real Talk Tenisha and D'essence speak with empowering "Oktober Film Fest" nominees Shauntay Cherry, Rose Gonzalez, and Kayla Gonzalez. For the first segment, the hosts of the show discuss spirituality, relationships, and female empowerment with director/actress Shauntay Cherry. Shauntay also shares her inspirations for her most recent project, "The Haggler;" particularly, the worth of women in the film industry and the need for more dynamic female roles on the big screen. The second segment of the show features mother/daughter duo Rose and Kayla Gonzalez and a conversation on their recently nominated project, "Cornelia." Listen in as Rose discusses her cinematic themes of values, love, and loss. As well as Kayla's conceptualization of the impact of gentrification on Latino-American communities within the recently-gentrified Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.