Episode 15 - El Nińo Timbal, Miguel Bonilla, Soundboy Cartagena

Real Ladies Real Talk brings you a rhythmic episode led by musicians El Nino Timbal, Miguel Bonilla, and Soundboy Cartagena. The show kicks off with an interview with this week's DJ for the live stream, DJ 1st Class, followed by an amazing interview and performance from the legend-in-the-making, El Nińo Timbal. The second half of the show dives into a fascinating conversation with Miguel Bonilla and Soundboy Cartagena, and their project, the 8 Bar Band. Make sure to tune into the break in the interview that features a fascinating cover of Soundboy Cartagena's "Arroz Con Pollo," which features El Nińo Timbal on the Timbales. Thank you for downloading this episode. Make sure to subscribe to our show on i-Tunes, Stitcher, or any of your favorite podcast streaming apps. 

Episode 14 - Alexandra Davila

This week's episode of Real Ladies Real Talk features an insightful conversation with the owner of "Make Me Over NYC," Alexandra Davila. Touted as a Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant, Alexandra's work can be seen in fashion magazines, music videos, and lookbooks. Make sure to tune in and you'll walk away from this episode with some makeup pointers and cosmetic secrets for girls and guys. Tune in, Get In Line!, and Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, or your favorite podcast app. 

Episode 13 - Shauntay Cherry, Rose and Kayla Gonzalez

On this episode of Real Ladies Real Talk Tenisha and D'essence speak with empowering "Oktober Film Fest" nominees Shauntay Cherry, Rose Gonzalez, and Kayla Gonzalez. For the first segment, the hosts of the show discuss spirituality, relationships, and female empowerment with director/actress Shauntay Cherry. Shauntay also shares her inspirations for her most recent project, "The Haggler;" particularly, the worth of women in the film industry and the need for more dynamic female roles on the big screen. The second segment of the show features mother/daughter duo Rose and Kayla Gonzalez and a conversation on their recently nominated project, "Cornelia." Listen in as Rose discusses her cinematic themes of values, love, and loss. As well as Kayla's conceptualization of the impact of gentrification on Latino-American communities within the recently-gentrified Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. 


Special: Cast of "I Like It Like That"

In this special episode of "Real Ladies Real Talk" you're treated to a spectacular behind-the-scenes conversation with the cast of the critically acclaimed Broadway musical "I Like It Like That." This show was recorded on November 27th, 2016 on the extraordinary stage of the Bronx-based Pregones / Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, located in midtown Manhattan. The first segment of the show kicks off with the high falsettos of Tito Nieves singing in the background and quickly dives into a warm conversation regarding the popularity of the show amongst the latino and greater theater-loving community. The Second segment of the show features an inspiring talk with Tito's male co-stars; including Joseph "Quique" Gonzalez, Angel Lopez, Gilberto Velazquez, and Nelson Gonzalez. Lastly, the third segment dives into an inspiring conversation on the show's reflection of community activism during the 70s, including a discussion of the history of the Young Lords, with the female stars of the show; including Rossmery Almonte, Caridad De La Luz (aka La Bruja), Shadia Fairuz, Sofia Klimovsky, and Yesenia Santiago. 


Episode 12 - K7 of TKA

On this episode of Real Ladies Real Talk Tenisha and D'essence speak with latin freestyle music legend K7. Most notably, K7 is known for being a member of TKA and his successful work as a singer, songwriter, and producer. K7's music credits include "Swing Batta Swing, "Zunga Zeng, and "Come Baby Come." Tune in as K7 discusses his recording contract with Tommy Boy Records and his resume that extends as far back as the early 80s.

Episode 11 - Bobby Sanabria and Darnell "5PM" Edwards

This special episode of Real Ladies Real Talk features multiple Grammy nominee Bobby Sanabria (www.BobbySanabria.Com) and producer-extraordinaire Darnell "5PM" Edwards (https://www.facebook.com/Manbearshark). For the first interview, D'essence and Tenisha speak with the multi-instrumentalist and activist Bobby Sanabria about his newly released "Multiverse" album and upcoming event, "Percussive Route: Where Kathak and Bomba Meet in Me," (http://www.whedco.org/november-bronx-rising-percussive-routes-where-kathak-and-bomba-meet-in-me) at the the Bronx Music Heritage Center (http://www.whedco.org/Arts/Bronx-Music-Heritage-Center/). Mr. Sanabria additionally shares his thoughts on the recent election, history of Afro Latin jazz music, and playing with legends like Chico O'Farrill, Dizzy Gillespie, Tito Puente, as well as many others. For the second segment of the show, ladies of the show interview the talented producer and multi-instrumentalist Darnell "5PM" Edwards about his creative process, creating through improvisation, and how learning how to read or write music is not always necessery to communicate emotions through musical sound elements. 

Episode 10 - Kevin Pryor, Jay Lee, and Elizabeth Rodriguez

Thank you for tuning into the 10th episode of "Real Ladies Real Talk". On this week's show your hosts D'essence and Tenisha interview radio personalities Kevin Pryor (950Lounge), Jay Lee of the J Spot (WHCR 90.3 FM), and Elizabeth Rodriguez of SiriusXM Radio. Kevin Pryor, hosts of the 950Lounge Radio show, shares the importances of marketing and branding in the radio business, so make sure you tune in for some industry secrets that you can use to ramp up your online media empire. For the second interview, Tenisha, D'essence, Jay Lee, and Elizabeth Rodriguez get into a revealing conversation of the challenges and fulfillments of working behind the mic, as hosts, and behind the scenes as programming coordinators. This episode offers a great glimpse into the marketing, production, and entertainment sides of the radio industry; so tune in and #GetInLine.

Episode 9 - Mighty T.H.O.R., Money Man, Lazaris, and Mala Reignz

This week's episode features hip-hop aficionados Mighty T.H.O.R., Money Man, LazarisMala Reignz, and special guest dj 'DJ Executioner.' Mighty T.H.O.R., representing the 'The House of Representatives' and the Terror Squad, discusses his acclaimed work as a music HIP-HOP producer, radio host, and business owner. For the second set of the show, Tenisha and D'essence interview the multi-talented producer, hip-hop artist, and CEO Mala Reignz. Thank you for downloading this episode and supporting Real Ladies Real Talk. You can continue to show your support by subscribing to our show via iTunes, Stitcher, or any other podcasting apps. Stay connected by following us on Facebook or sending a note to RealLadiezRealTalk@gmail.com. #GetInLine


Episode 8 - Jessica Legend, JR, and DJ Jada LaReign

Make-up artist Jessica Legend (https://www.facebook.com/JessicaLegendArt), Special FX guru JR (https://www.facebook.com/misfitcosplay/), and DJ Jada LaReign (https://www.facebook.com/jada.haitoff) scare up some fun on this week's halloween episode of Real Ladies Real Talk. Listen in as Jessica and JR discuss the art of makeup, special fx, and cosplay, and pick up some pointers and inspirations for your halloween costume in the process. As a special treat Jessica Legend turns D'essence's face into a spectacular butterfly, while JR turns Tenisha's sister's cheek into a spooktacular bullethole. Make sure to check out our Real Ladies Real Talk Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/realladiesrealtalk/) to see all of the photos.

Episode 7 - Brotha Chris , JJ Mattise, and La Nena

It's "comedy night" on this week's episode of Real Ladies Real Talk, but that shouldn't stop you from listening in the early hours of the morning or on your train ride home from work. Tune in as comic and owner of 2FunnyEnt, Brotha Chris, and comedians JJ  Mattise and La Nena stack on the laughter. #GetInLine 

Episode 6 - Whiteboy DJ KYS and Sal Abbatiello

This week's episode of Real Ladies Real Talk is presented in conjunction with The Erika Roman Memorial Foundation . This special episode features WhiteBoy DJ KYS and CEO of Fever Records, Sal Abbatiello. For their first interview, DJ KYS shares how he got his start working with Fever Records and his upcoming show at the EVO Lounge. D'essence and Tenisha's second interview spotlights Sal Abbatiello's impact on the Freestyle and Hip Hop music scene in the Bronx, starting the Fever Records Label, and motivations for starting the Erika Roman Memorial Foundation.

Episode 5 - Marcos Sotomayor and "Money and Violence

On this week's episode, actor Marcos Sotomayor discusses his extensive acting and production resume; including a glimpse into the offerings of his production company ReelAdvantage LLC. For their second interview, D'essence and Tenisha speak with the triple-threats actor/entrepreneur Cash, actor/rapper BkBrasco, and actor/comedian Kai, as they reveal how they were brought onto Cloud9TV's hit online show "Money and Violence" (Amazon, Google Play, Sony, Vudu, Microsoft, Cinema Now, Verizon and Cable On Demand).

Episode 4 - Tonya Carrion and ImYourCarma

This week's episode was dedicated to increasing domestic violence awareness. Up first, community leader Tonya Carrion discusses the initiatives of her organization "The Carrion Movement" and then shares a moving story of her experience with domestic violence. Following Tonya, ImYourCarma, singer, first-lady of FirstWaveMuzic, and co-host of the "R and R Show," shares her story of survival and perseverance.