When I Was Young

When I Was Young,

I craved the affection of the soothing wind,

As well as guidance from the brilliant stars,

I sought the satisfaction of well-made meals,

As well as the tenderness of a gentle touch.

When I was Young,

I hoped for softness over soured scabs,

As well as passion and courageous words.

I prayed for peace and restful nights,

As well as the health of sound advice.

When I was Young,

I studied trees for sympathy

As well as clouds for strength and symmetry.

I counted tiles to fill the seconds,

And marred the hours  to support pretense.

When I was Young,

I never thought I'd one day

Feel the soothing winds,

See the illuminated paths of stars,

Savor the satisfaction of an eloquent meal,

Explore the wildly passions of a touch,

Forgo the agony of scars,

Inhale the medicine of compassion,

Rest through the roughness of ancient nights,

Hear the softness of encouragement,

Or Understand the synergy of hope and life.