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Happy Wednesday Readers!!!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve last graced this page with thoughts, words, and hope.
Please forgive, I’ve had some soul searching due.
and so I needed time; to reflect, to live, and experience the dynamic trials of life.
Thus, in the time since, I spent my days in deliberate thought, both in physical and mental forms: I worked on my meaty muscles as much as this poetic storm.
And what did I find? labor; in chance, relief and wonder.
But most importantly, the birth of stars nurtured by a universe divine;
And so here I am, a bit more fit, lean, and learned. With a few more notches acquired on my utility belt against desperation, anxiety, and impatience.
Now, as a result of this re-awakening, another thanks to curious minds,
And a thanks again for stopping by.
Here’s to another dose of prose, keep calm read on.



Here I go again,
trying to draw out a play in a four line hook and thinking about the songs I used to sing when I'd feel hurt.

Today's a different day,
and I don’t feel the same way-
I no longer look out for stars,
Or wish I had a different name-
I’ve come around full circle,
and now dream a scene pristine.
While aimlessly bent hoping this song will unleash the pangs.

I want to be your savior,
I want to fill your hope.
When you wake up in the morning,
I want to be your dope.
I want you feeling now,
Like I felt them back then;
Heads up in haze in clustered clouds,
Like you’re living life zen.
No broken pen holding back your message,
Words lyrically filling your godsends.
I’ve read your Is and Ms,

And direct message,

This one’s for you,

The kid,

I was then.