The 2016 Presidential Election

Today, many Americans around the country will cast a vote that will reflect the popularity rating of the current Democratic and Republican presidential candidates. While this process is a vital facet of American democracy, it is also not an accurate representation of the American election process for POTUS.

This does not imply an intent on behalf of government officials or business elites to conspire or manipulate, nor an intent to shroud the American voters from participating in our wonderfully democratic system. Rather, this process was set in place long before you or I had the privilege to vote, long before candidates started to show  disregard (e.g. claims of rigged elections, childish outbursts, dismissive and unpresidential body/verbal language) for the fundamental values and processes that hold this country together. But I digress.

As an American, it is your born, or naturalized, duty to maintain a basic level of wherewithal to participate in this great nation's political system. This requires studied knowledge of the presidential election process (click here to learn more) and the most influentual voters of this election process; The Electoral College.

Thus, your duty today, as you enter the poll booth, is not simply to cast your vote for whom you like more. In fact, casting your vote today will probably be the most meaningless act you perform on behalf, or against, either candidate. You're better focusing your efforts on the contentious congressional seats that are up for grab. If I sound cynical, I am not trying to. I am simply suggesting, that whomever you are hoping comes out the victor in this race will have already been determined by the members of the electoral college and their party-affiliated expectations.

In short, go out and vote today! And not because it will influence who becomes president, but because your vote does influence politics and does demonstrate to political officials, and big business, that American voters are watching and aware.


- Genesis