Outsider Art

I just discovered a disregarded world filled with spontaneity, wonder, and obscurity. A world, unlike the world most of us live in, where the amount of likes on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are not markers for creativity, success, and community. A world where, despite what our society currently suggests, goodart is honest art. That is, art outside of the parameters of indoctrinating school systems, mainstream cycles, predictable refrains, and shock value.

What is this new world 🌎 that I've discovered and who are its inhabitants ? How do they manage to exist simultaneously beside a world subjugated to hyper-scrutiny and excessive consumption?

It would seem the two aforementioned worlds are absolute juxtapositions of one another; on one hand you have the world defined by a system of consumption. A system where the simplistic reproduction and consumption of expression are of most value. On the other; a world in existence outside of the concentric parameters of mainstream movements. A world where no eyes are to be found, where the only judge, jury, and executioner is the artist him or herself.

I wonder of their alien mindsets, their goals, and their drives. Are they uniformly sensitive to the streams of molded creations flying about their heads like irritating flies zipping in endless unison towards their ends? Or have they found a way, a method I should say, to resist the forceful onslaught of artistic assimilation?

What is this world ? What does it have to offer ?